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[Chicken-users] Re: CMake problem on Linux should be solved

From: William A. Hoffman
Subject: [Chicken-users] Re: CMake problem on Linux should be solved
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 19:57:29 -0400

At 05:50 PM 9/8/2006, Brandon J. Van Every wrote:
>Drat.  I was hoping that file level dependencies would cross subdirectory 
>boundaries.  They seem to do it on MinGW, Cygwin, and VS71 - or else the build 
>order just happens to work on those platforms.  Do file dependencies not cross 
>subdirectories on Linux?  Even on the Windows targets, I had to specify the 
>file dependencies as GENERATED to get CMakeSetup to quit complaining.  
>Previously I've not had to do that, but previously, .scm --> .c was always 
>done in the same directory.
>I can put custom targets back in to force the .c files to be built.  But I'd 
>like to know if this is a bug or expected behavior.  Lately I've been avoiding 
>"target wrapping paranoia," that is, the tendency to wrap up all file 
>dependencies in custom targets for fear that file dependencies won't be 
>honored.  It'll be nice if someday the file dependencies and target 
>dependencies are handled in the same way.

The problem only shows up with parallel builds.   The file level depends do not
cross sub directories.   You should be able to fix this with a target level add
dependency.  This will potentially show up in newer versions of Visual studio 
as well
the do parallel builds by default, and with the dual core cpus out there it is 
someone will see it.   


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