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[Chicken-users] Running Spiffy and Apache on the same host

From: Rodrigo Real
Subject: [Chicken-users] Running Spiffy and Apache on the same host
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 09:58:58 -0200
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Hi guys

I have a server in which I need to run apache for some homepages
which are already running. But I am building almost every new thing
(which is not a lot of things) using web-scheme + spiffy.

My spiffy server is currently listening to port 8080, because apache
is on 80. 

I was thinking about a solution to this, because I don't want to put
everything on port 8080, I came to something simple which I think
could work. I can put 2 IPs on the same host and configure apache to
listen to port 80 on one IP and spiffy to listen to port 80 on the

I made some tests with apache and netcat, and it seems that it can

I looked at docs and code of spiffy and did not found a way to do
it. It seems that any change to implement this would propagate at
least to http egg.

Does all this make any sense to you? Is there any easier way to do it?


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