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Re: Re: [Chicken-users] stream-wiki and eggs

From: Zbigniew
Subject: Re: Re: [Chicken-users] stream-wiki and eggs
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 11:55:55 -0600

On 12/7/06, felix winkelmann <address@hidden> wrote:
How about eggdoc->wiki? (just a thought, possibly silly)

That would only work as a one-shot thing--once people start changing
the wiki, your eggdoc is out of date.  You might as well write a wiki
page to start with, and make that the canonical one.

I must say that I prefer wiki to eggdoc in the moment. The syntax is
very editing-friendly and can be read more easily.

I would agree that simplicity of editing is a huge plus.  I set up a
wiki at a client for this reason and found that I generate and fix
documentation there at a much higher rate.  On the other hand, the
consistent formatting and semantic data in eggdoc is helpful to me.

I see that both latex and pdf output from the wiki can be generated,
with texi planned.  I need to read this code and see if it can do
indexing, etc.  Perhaps there is enough information to produce
reasonable eggdoc-like HTML.  Since much of the target domain is
Scheme and egg documentation, I also wonder if the wiki syntax should
be extended to add basic stuff like 'function syntax' and 'variable'
and so on--things that are present in texi and eggdoc and would add
semantic value.  This would still be easy to edit but would allow
improved output.  Some information would still be lost (for example, I
used the version history and author fields in eggdoc->texi) but ease
of editing could trump that.

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