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[Chicken-users] Spiffy

From: Dan Muresan
Subject: [Chicken-users] Spiffy
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 20:22:56 +0200


I have had, at last, the pleasure to play with spiffy to creaet a
simple web front-end. As I said, it has been a pleasure, mostly, but
there are some warts:

* generate-directory-listing: the computation of the parent directory
is broken: (string-intersperse (butlast foo)) intersperses blanks, not
slashes. Add a "/" final argument.

* there's some horrendous HTML markup (things like "<table border=0>"
-- that's right, an unquoted attribute -- and "<body bgcolor=" and
font tags). I suggest exposing a callback for
(spiffy-virtual-directory-style) (returning a string), with an
appropriate value. The string would be embedded in a <style> element
in the head of the virtual directory page. The rest of the page can
use simple CSS markup. Let the user override

* Same observation for error pages. It should also be possible to
disable stack traces and display a custom "Oops" page (users don't
want to see stack traces, and for developpers there are log files).

* not a wart, but would be really nice if generate-directory-listing
could be overriden. Sometimes, an extra column to the default name /
timestamp / size table is enough. Why make me rewrite the whole thing?

* there must have been a couple of other things, but I forget now :)

Dan Muresan

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