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[Chicken-users] request for repository access (new egg)

From: $)
Subject: [Chicken-users] request for repository access (new egg)
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 11:30:18 +0300

I am currently involved in a webapp development using fastcgi, sedna xml database and chicken. We do heavy file uploads (~100Mb) through POSTs; so a pretty high performance multipart/form-data parser is required. We discovered that the parser built on top of mime.egg has a poor performance for the task. I created a better performing parser that uses Apache libapreq ( internally. I want to share this code.

In order to create your extensions you will need access to this repository. Send an email to the Chicken Users mailing list and state:

A highspeed multipart/form-data parser particullary suited for heavy file uploads through webforms. The parser core is a fast-running standards-complying Apache libapreq library. Parser fetches data through a user-provided callback thunk, so it can utilise various sources of data (however Scheme input port is not the fastest).

WBR, mejedi

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