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Re: spiffy patch attempt (was Re: [Chicken-users] Minor issue with spiff

From: John Cowan
Subject: Re: spiffy patch attempt (was Re: [Chicken-users] Minor issue with spiffy's sxml->html)
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 16:03:01 -0500
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Peter Wright scripsit:

> Hence my following attempt at a patch for the latest spiffy-base.scm
> which also incorporates (steals? :)) the sxml-transforms special
> handling for (a) inline tags, and (b) certain tags when they're empty.

A suggestion for all this introduction of newlines:  instead of
adding newlines after end-tags and worrying about which ones can
and cannot have a problem with it, why not add a newline *within*
the end-tag, thus:  "</b\n>"?  That's a general solution and
simplifies the problem greatly.

We call nothing profound                        address@hidden
that is not wittily expressed.                  John Cowan
        --Northrop Frye (improved)

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