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[Chicken-users] ANN: scheme-complete.el 0.3

From: Alex Shinn
Subject: [Chicken-users] ANN: scheme-complete.el 0.3
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 15:05:36 +0900

A new release 0.3 of scheme-complete.el is available at

It includes many bugfixes, and now works out of the box
in GNU Emacs 21 and 22, and XEmacs 21.

New features include smarter inference by determining
variable types bound in LET, as well as a new feature
to complete filename arguments (e.g. the argument to
LOAD) with not only the current lexical environment but
also including filenames in the completion list.  If a filename
is completed (or a prefix that could only belong to filenames)
then the argument will automatically be wrapped in quotes
if not already.  For example, with

  (load te^

where ^ represents the cursor position, and assuming
that uniquely expands the file test.scm, then expanding
would result in

  (load "test.scm^"

Note: If you used SCSH inside of M-x run-scheme +
paredit-mode + scheme-complete then you could have
an interactive scheme shell which in typical cases only
requires one more keystroke (the initial paren) than other
shells like bash, and in more complex cases requires
fewer keystrokes (moduolo the names of commands
which can be aliased or tab-completed anyway).  You could
also tweak cmuscheme to always insert the initial parens
for you.  Better completion would require filtering files
on regexps (e.g. only completing .scm files for LOAD).


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