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[Chicken-users] sx:set-button-up-cb, sx:set-button-down-cb

From: Stephan Lukits
Subject: [Chicken-users] sx:set-button-up-cb, sx:set-button-down-cb
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 07:58:12 +0100
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calling sx:set-button-up-cb, sx:set-button-down-cb
end with:

Error: unbound variable: sx_mousebutton_cb

        Call history:

        test-sx.scm: 18   sx:make-button
        test-sx.scm: 19   sx:make-draw-area
        test-sx.scm: 20   sx:get-top-widget
        test-sx.scm: 21   sx:set-widget-pos
        test-sx.scm: 22   sx:set-keypress-cb
        test-sx.scm: 23   sx:set-button-up-cb                   <--

How could I determine which button was pressed,
since the callback signature of

BUTTONPROC =    (lambda () ...)

does not provide an argument which tells me.

Finally a cosmetic issue: the callback signature
for MOTIONPROC is missing.

MOTIONPROC (lambda (x y) ...)

worked for me.

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