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Re: [chicken-users] silex GPL-2 licensed?

From: minh thu
Subject: Re: [chicken-users] silex GPL-2 licensed?
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 19:34:36 +0100

>  [snip]
>  > Does this mean distributing the c intermediates of an app along with
>  > the chicken libraries (in c form) and eggs (again in c form) needed to
>  > run it therefore has no need for silex either and can be distributed
>  > under, for example, a BSD license?
>  That's right.  Of course, if you use a GPLed egg, you have to distribute
>  Scheme source for your whole app.  C source is obfuscated and doesn't
>  count for GPL purposes.

It seems to me that you both say the opposite. I understand the
exemple above of distributing averything in C form includes C code
from any egg (under any license, not just BSD).

So what is it, generated C code cannot be redistributed without the
scheme source if the scheme source is GPL or can it be, just like code
emitted by Bison or Silex ?


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