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Re: [Chicken-users] Chicken 3.1.0 available now

From: Mario Domenech Goulart
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Chicken 3.1.0 available now
Date: 25 Mar 2008 00:19:50 -0300
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Hi Ivan and folks,

On Mon, 24 Mar 2008 12:43:33 +0900 Ivan Raikov <address@hidden> wrote:

>    I have made a stable release of Chicken 3.1.0. It is based on the
> 3.0.10 development snapshot, and it does _not_ include the changes to
> the srfi-69 unit. The changes to srfi-69 are now in the 3.1.1
> development snapshot.
> The release tarball and binaries can be downloaded from here:
> I will be traveling from March 25 until April 9, inclusive, and I will
> not have access to my work email account, but I can be reached via my
> Gmail account: <address@hidden>. If there are any questions
> or problems with Chicken releases, please let me know.

Thanks guys for one more Chicken release.

I could successfully build and install Chicken and a couple of eggs on
the following platforms:

- Linux x86 
- Linux x86-64
- Linux PPC
- Linux Alpha

Best wishes,

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