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[Chicken-users] Anyone tried using datadraw with Chicken?

From: Matthew Welland
Subject: [Chicken-users] Anyone tried using datadraw with Chicken?
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 21:41:03 -0700
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Has anyone tried using datadraw ( with 
Chicken? If so did any of the claimed performance benefits transfer to 
Chicken code? It almost seems like a scheme compiler or interpreter could 
be built on top of datadraw or coupled extremely close to it rather than 
moving data in and out of it but in any case an interface to chicken seems 
like it'd be really cool.

I have some large chunks of data to munge and Chicken + sqlite3 is proving a 
bit slow (8-20 hour run times) and I'm considering rethinking my approach.

Thanks in advance for any comments and insight.


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