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[Chicken-users] User's Manual Comments

From: Sam Varner
Subject: [Chicken-users] User's Manual Comments
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2009 15:37:43 -0400

Long-time lurker, first-time poster.  First, I'd like to thank Felix and
the other Chicken hackers for all their work.

After using Chicken for a while, I became frustrated by some problems I
was having.  Since those problems were probably due to my own ignorance,
I decided to fix them by taking a fresh look at the documentation,
starting from (best
domain name ever).  I saw a few minor things I'd like to bring up.

      * The link to the manual goes to a directory without an
        "index.html", so my browser shows a directory listing.  I think
        it should link to
      * "Getting Started" claims the number of eggs will soon reach 400.
        To me, it looks like the total number of Chicken 4 eggs is ~150.
        Is this wording left over from Chicken 3?
      * Is the list of supported SRFIs in "Getting Started" up to date
        for Chicken 4?
      * Paragraph 1 in "Using the Compiler" says "The interface to
        chicken is intentionally simple....A program named csc provides
        a much simpler interface..."  It looks like "simple" is used to
        mean "does one specific job" in the first case, and "easy to
        use" in the second.  What exactly is this paragraph trying to

I also made some minor edits to the wiki.

I hope to come up with some more interesting questions in the near

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