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[Chicken-users] Re: Chicken fails to build on Windows (mingw)

From: Fadi Moukayed
Subject: [Chicken-users] Re: Chicken fails to build on Windows (mingw)
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 20:05:38 +0200

> Hm...  how did you invoke make? Did you pass "PLATFORM=mingw"?

Yes, I used the following build command, nothing special really:

mingw32-make PREFIX=c:/chicken PLATFORM=mingw C_COMPILER_OPTIMIZATION_OPTIONS="-O2 -pipe"

Anyway, I think I found where the problem lies: Line 86 in extras.scm contains this:

> ;;; Random numbers:
> (cond-expand
>  (unix
>   ...
>  (else
>   ...

Apparently, the C files used for bootstrapping were generated on a unix machine - which means that the C files will always contain the unix-specific code branch, unless they were regenerated on the target platform. Shouldn't this kind of check be done using C preprocessor instead?


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