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[Chicken-users] docstrings

From: David Dreisigmeyer
Subject: [Chicken-users] docstrings
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 14:23:08 -0500

I've been going through "The Scheme Programming Language (4e)", and
was doing some experiments with define-syntax.  Can I do something
like the following (like in CL):

(define-syntax my-set!

"I WANT TO PUT SOME DOCUMENTATION HERE."  [ <<-- can I do something like this?]

  (syntax-rules ()
    [(_ x1 ...)
     (map (lambda (a) (eval (list 'set! (car a) (cadr a)))) (list x1 ...))]))

so I can do something like

(documentation #'foo 'function) => "I WANT TO PUT SOME DOCUMENTATION HERE."

Any comments on my define-syntax example would be appreciated also.
Took me darn near to hours to get the above to work.



P.S. If there's a more appropriate forum for these general (i.e., not
necessarily Chicken specific) Scheme questions please let me know.

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