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[Chicken-users] Using a file in the current dir

From: Mark Carter
Subject: [Chicken-users] Using a file in the current dir
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 15:32:15 +0000
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Is there a way I can "use" a file in the current directory?

Here's what I'm trying to achieve: I want to be able to use some functionality 
interactively in the interpreter, but also create an executable. In the 
executable, I will probably do some command-line argument parsing, and 
automatically call a "main" function. When invoked as a script, I just want to 
load in the definitions. There doesn't seem a way to really achieve this.

A sensible approach would be to create a "core functionality" file, which 
contains all the intricate functions, and a "driver" file which does the 
command-line parsing, and invoke the "main" routine.

The problem is, I can't use the "load" command in the driver file, because 
that's not supposed to happen when the program runs. I can't use the "use" 
command either, because that expects that an egg has been installed.

So what's a good way of achieving the desired result?

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