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[Chicken-users] Unit ports documentation needs an example or two for non

From: Matt Welland
Subject: [Chicken-users] Unit ports documentation needs an example or two for non-gods
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 06:35:11 -0700

 (port-map FN THUNK) 

where does the port go?

I was sort of hoping for something like this to work:

csi> (define inp (open-input-file "~/.bashrc"))
csi> (define a (port-map inp read-line))
csi> (close-input-file inp)

but it took guessing to figure out the intended usage. How about some trivial examples in the docs?

By trial and error I figured this out:

(define a (with-input-from-file "~/.bashrc" (lambda ()(port-map (lambda (x) x) read-line))))

That is ugly. I just want to get a file into a list:

E.g. in Ruby:      foo=`cat ~/.bashrc`

port-fold doesn't improve it:

(define b (with-input-from-file "~/.bashrc" (lambda ()(reverse (port-fold cons '() read-line)))))

Is there an egg or unit for down-n-dirty, get-the-job-done-yesterday, screw the "right thing" programming?

(use ducttape)
(define a (file->list "~/.bashrc"))

Such a unit or egg deserves mention on the front page. I dug though the docs and never did find an easy way to do what I want.

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