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[Chicken-users] Eggs list change - possible?

From: Arthur Maciel
Subject: [Chicken-users] Eggs list change - possible?
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 23:34:13 -0300

Dear chicken fellows, would it be possible to categorize some of the eggs under others, in order to present a more hierarchical and cleaner structure of the eggs list?

For example:
> Web programming 
   |-- autoform
       |--- autoform-jquery
       |--- autoform-postgresql
   |-- awful
       |--- awful-postgresql
       |--- awful-sql-de-lite
       |--- awful-sqlite3
       |--- awful-ssl

And maybe also include subsections:

For example:
> Web programming
   > HTML
       |-- html-form
       |-- html-parser
       |-- html-tags
       |-- htmlprag
   > Protocols
       |-- fastcgi
       |-- gopher
       |-- intarweb

It would be lovely to make those (sub)sections dynamically expandable. I believe it would make the eggs list easier to understand and search on for newbies like me.

Best wishes,

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