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[Chicken-users] ANN.: sixtyfive-oh-two

From: Felix
Subject: [Chicken-users] ANN.: sixtyfive-oh-two
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2012 09:14:47 -0400 (EDT)


This announces the "sixtyfive-oh-two" egg, a 6502 emulator written
in Scheme:

The engine is C++, generated by "crunch", and should be fairly
efficient. It is my first real use of "crunch", but so far things look
ok. It seems to run the 6502-Version of FIG-Forth, at least for the
few simple cases I tried.

The precompiled engine is included in the egg. Generating it takes
quite long (about half on hour on my flimsy little netbook).

Note that this egg currently fails under salmonella due to some weird
install-prefix setup. Unless you have somehow modified your
installation paths (using CHICKEN_INSTALL_PREFIX and its shady
friends), it should compile and install without problems.


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