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[Chicken-users] Bug in socket egg and patch

From: Jonathan Chan
Subject: [Chicken-users] Bug in socket egg and patch
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 00:29:54 -0800


While writing a socket server in Chicken for kicks I think I run into a
bug in the sockets egg where socket-accept would not handle the error
generated by select() if the listener socket had been closed - the error
is already handled in the egg when selecting for writing.

I am not sure how the procedure for reporting bugs for eggs or
submitting patches works and am still very new to Chicken, but the
chicken-install utility has been very nice so far and has made it very
easy to test modifications (with -R and just chicken-install to
reinstall a local version). Thanks for that, for the useful
implementation, and for the egg!

I have attached a patch that I believe fixes the bug.

  Jonathan Chan

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