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[Chicken-users] SRFI 4 vectors size limitation.

From: Jubjub
Subject: [Chicken-users] SRFI 4 vectors size limitation.
Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 19:33:28 +0200

I've noticed that srfi-4 homogeneous numeric vectors are limited to 0xFFFFF bytes, regardless of their type.

This amounts to 16MB of data, which I've found insufficient since they're the most widely used and convenient way to manipulate raw bytes, and the most common way to move data through the FFI.

Examples of places where I've run into this limitation include:
- Storing raw audio data: 16MB fits around a minute and a half of s16 stereo audio at 44.1 khz.
- Storing raw texture data: 16MB fits at most a square 2048px RGBA image.

Is this limitation by design, an issue with my usage of the srfi-4 unit or an oversight?
If it's the latest, would a patch removing this limitation be welcome?


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