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Re: [Chicken-users] About Chicken Compiler CSC's Option

From: Andy Bennett
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] About Chicken Compiler CSC's Option
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2014 17:18:08 +0100
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Yeah the Makefile is buggy.

Please find my WIP patch attached to this email.

This looks more comprehensive than my patch. As I just use hato-smtp.scm I get away without building most of it.

I use the datenhobel-hato-egg and my approach is to do "make clean" followed by "chicken-install". chicken-install won't install the egg properly unless you "make clean" beforehand so it's worth always doing both steps.

Hato also seems to install a version of lru-cache that is incompatible with the sql-de-lite egg so I always "chicken-install lru-cache" after installing hato.

For the bits that won't build or I can't be bothered fighting with dependencies for on all platforms (i3db), I just comment them out in hato.setup. My current commented-out list is:

;; (compile-module hato-i3db)
;; (compile-module hato-imap)
;; (compile-module hato-pop)
;; (compile-module hato-nntp)
;; (compile-module hato-http)
;; (compile-module hato-spf)
;; (compile-module hato-token)
;; (compile-module hato-prob)
;; (compile-module hato-filter-env)
;; (compile-module highlight)
;; (compile-module html-summary)
;; (compile-module wiki-utils)
;; (compile-module wiki-parse)
;; (compile-module wiki-write)
;; (compile-executable hato-fetch)
;; (compile-executable hato-httpd)

As I use "chicken-install" to build things I don't need to patch the Makefile.

If you need any of that stuff then you're probably better off with Christian's patch: I just use hato-smtp.scm to send mail out.



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