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[Chicken-users] ffi howto

From: chicken-users
Subject: [Chicken-users] ffi howto
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 07:48:51 -0800


I need some help getting started with ffi. 

I am attempting to bind libuv to scheme code.

My chicken scheme code at fails with the
following error.

The following code fails with the following:

Error: bad argument count - received 152135942 but expected 2: 0

        Call history:

        uv.scm:33: uv-default-loop        
        uv.scm:33: uv-idle-init   
        uv.scm:34: uv-idle-start          
        uv.scm:36: uv-default-loop        
        uv.scm:36: uv-run               <--

I am attempting to port the following C code.

- Omar

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