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Re: [Chicken-users] qt-light egg patch for MacPorts compatibility

From: Andy Bennett
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] qt-light egg patch for MacPorts compatibility
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 00:25:56 +0000
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I'm not the maintainer for this egg, but welcome to the community! :-)

I hope you enjoy CHICKEN.

Thanks for putting the effort in to make the patch.


> I'm interested in developing with chicken on my mac and I was happy to find 
> that MacPorts had packaged chicken. I wanted to use Qt so I installed the 
> dependencies and installed the qt-light egg. Unfortunately, it didn't 
> compile. So I made a patch so it did. Here is the patch to the 
> "chicken-compile-qt-extension.scm" file I made :
> 18a19
>>       (and (file-execute-access? "/opt/local/bin/qmake") "/opt/local")
> 31a33,34
>> (define macosx (eq? (software-version) 'macosx))
>> (if macosx (define install_name_tool "/usr/bin/install_name_tool"))
> 111c114,116
> <       (if mingw32 "dll" "so.1.0.0"))
> ---
>>       (cond (mingw32 "dll")
>>             (macosx "1.0.0.dylib")
>>             (else "so.1.0.0")))
> 112a118
>>     (if macosx (run (,install_name_tool -change "libchicken.dylib" 
>> ,(make-pathname libpath "libchicken" "dylib") ,output)))
> It made compilation work for me! It would be nice if the patch could be added 
> to the official egg. Since I'm new to scheme and chicken, I hope I did it the 
> right thing. If it's not how you do egg compilation scripts, please let me 
> know so I dig more into it.
> Jérémy
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