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Re: [Chicken-users] IDE for Beginners

From: Richard
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] IDE for Beginners
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 14:46:48 +0000

Hello to another freeshell user :),

Just a part of an answer,

Most Lispy stuff is heavilty biased towards Emacs I'm afraid. Not a
problem for people that like Emacs, like me, but using
anything else can often feel like paddling against the current.

Except for the data structure thing, what else are you missing or isn't
working in your current set-up?

Maybe the Emacs Starters Kit is something for you: there is no easy Windows
bases installer I'm afraid.


mfv writes:

> Hi there, 
> I am currently using Sublime Text 2 with Sublime REPL to fool around with
> Chicken Scheme. It does not work perfect, but until now it has been the best
> solution apart from using the REPL in the command prompt in Windows 7. 
> However, it seems that sublimeREPL can not handle larger data structures. I
> froze once I read it a 20 kB cvs file. 
> I have fooled around with a couple of other editors that have a REPL
> functionality, notably LightTable and Emacs. I liked the first option a lot,
> and was definatly overwhelmed bu the second. Emacs might be extremely usful,
> but I do not plan to learn all those crypting commands to learn to write and
> REPL some scheme code. 
> Is there a simplified version of EMACS with an installer for Windows based
> systems? 
> What light weight REPL-IDE solution do you use except Emacs? Windows Power
> Shell (this was a joke.. )? 
> Any nice guides on how to set up ST2/SublimeREPL properly?
> Cheers, 
>   Piotr
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