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Re: [Chicken-users] sxpath does not preserve node order

From: Peter Bex
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] sxpath does not preserve node order
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2014 21:30:03 +0100
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On Thu, Dec 04, 2014 at 09:25:38PM +0100, Sascha Ziemann wrote:
> It seems to me that the use of //* duplicates the inner 'a' node:
> (begin
>   (newline)
>   (pp ((sxpath "//address@hidden'header']//*")
>      (with-input-from-request
>       "";
>       #f html->sxml))))
> prints
> ((span (@ (class "itemprop") (itemprop "name")) "Vicky Cristina Barcelona")
>  (span (@ (class "nobr"))
>        "("
>        (a (@ (href "/year/2008/?ref_=tt_ov_inf")) "2008")
>        ")")
>  (a (@ (href "/year/2008/?ref_=tt_ov_inf")) "2008"))
> Although there is only one hyper-ref in the HTML code.

Hi Sascha,

The sxpath egg is simply a packaged version of what's available
from CVS upstream, with as few changes as possible.  You might
want to report this bug (if that's what it is) on their mailinglist.
The project is at


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