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[Chicken-users] [ANN] OAuth Egg v0.2 Released

From: Andy Bennett
Subject: [Chicken-users] [ANN] OAuth Egg v0.2 Released
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 17:23:38 +0000
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Hi everyone,

I've released v0.2 of the OAuth Egg:

This release brings support for HMAC-SHA1 signing and a few bug fixes
when using the 1.0a and RFC 5849 modes.

This egg has now been verified with at least the APIs of Dropbox and

Thanks to Nick Van Horn for reporting some bugs and spurring me into action!

For those of you binding HTTP APIs, you might also be interested in the
rest-bind egg:

...and you can complement the documentation with my recent talk about
the rationale behind it:



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