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[Chicken-users] New SDL2 eggs; help wanted

From: John Croisant
Subject: [Chicken-users] New SDL2 eggs; help wanted
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 15:30:50 -0600
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Hello everyone,

I am working on new eggs that provide bindings to version 2 of Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL), the popular game development library, and related libraries. The eggs will soon be ready for an alpha release, with partial functionality. I am looking for people to help with testing, documentation, and creating demos and example games.

The APIs are not yet set in stone, so please take a look, try the eggs out, and send me your feedback. I am already planning to make procedures signal exceptions when an error occurs, instead of returning error codes like the C library does.

- sdl2:
- sdl2-image:
- Examples:

I am also planning to eventually make eggs for SDL_mixer 2, SDL_ttf 2, and (parts of) SDL_gfx 2.

CHICKEN already has eggs for version 1 of SDL and some related libraries. These new eggs are for version 2 of SDL, which has many new features and improvements. These eggs are new codebases (not updates of the earlier eggs), and I am working to create very polished, thorough, and maintainable eggs.

Currently the project needs people to help with:

- Manual testing (installing, running examples) on different platforms
- Writing unit tests and semi-automated test programs
- Writing API reference docs, guides, and tutorials
- Creating detailed installation instructions for different platforms
- Creating feature demos and example games/programs

In the longer term, I want to provide good instructions, tooling, and a project template for building and distributing self-contained CHICKEN games for various operating systems. If you have experience making self-contained CHICKEN apps, especially apps using C libraries, and you would be willing to answer some questions or help out, please contact me.

If you are interested in helping in any way, please send me an email.


- John Croisant

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