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Re: [Chicken-users] Is there interest in this Prolog interpreter package

From: Jeronimo Pellegrini
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Is there interest in this Prolog interpreter packaged as an egg?
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 15:21:09 -0300
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On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 07:55:49PM -0500, John Cowan wrote:
> Jeronimo Pellegrini scripsit:
> > If you believe this would be interesting as an egg, tell me and I'll
> > get it packaged!
> Nice!  You should also compare it with Schelog.  Definitely do package
> it as an egg.

Ok, I have done some packaging and reorganizing work, but I got stuck.

I have split the program into a standalone loader (for systems not
supporting R7RS), and a R7RS library.

The R7RS library seems to work fine in csi, and it also compiles, but
when I try to use the library, I get an "unknown error".

The source is here:

individual files:

Below is what happens when I try to use the egg (which I installed
locally without problems).

#;1> (use r7rs)

... ;; loading messages here

#;2> (import (pll))
; loading /usr/local/lib/chicken/8/ ...

Error: (load) during expansion of (import ...) - unable to load compiled module 
- unknown reason: "/usr/local/lib/chicken/8/"

Call history:

<syntax>          (import (pll))        <--

The meta file is this:

((egg "pll.egg")
 (files "COPYING"  "README.txt"  "SUPPORTED-SCHEMES"    "amb.scm"
 "changelog"  "manual.html"  "" "manual.pdf"  "manual.txt"
 "pll-standalone.scm"  "pll.scm"    "ppl.meta"  "prolog-core.scm"
 "prolog-examples.scm"  "pll.setup"  "style.css"  "unify.scm")
 (license "GPL-3")
 (category logic)
 (needs srfi-1)
 (author "Jeronimo C. Pellegrini")
 (synopsis "A simple Prolog implementation in Scheme, using the AMB operator"))

And the setup file (which is probably buggy) is this:

(compile -X r7rs -R r7rs -s -O2 "pll.scm"          -unit pll)
(compile -X r7rs -R r7rs -s -O2 "pll.import.scm"   -unit pll)

  '("" "")
   '((version 1.5)))

So -- what did I get wrong?


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