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[Chicken-users] odd compiler messages on program structure errors

From: Claude Marinier
Subject: [Chicken-users] odd compiler messages on program structure errors
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2017 16:50:40 -0400

Good afternoon,

Things are good. It's Thanksgiving weekend (shorter growing season here in Canada) and I found & fixed a tough bug yesterday. An extra pair of parentheses can cause "interesting" behaviour.

After fixing the bug, I commented out extra display statements. I was too hasty and took out more than I should have thereby changing the structure of the code (removed some parentheses). The compiler (v4.12.0 Linux 64-bit) produced error messages with line numbers inside numbers.scm; this is odd.

The Question

Does 'csc' have a hard time with unclosed parentheses? Is this a known problem? Should we respond to those kinds of errors by concluding the program is missing a parenthesis?

I am unable to recreate the failing code in the program in question. Quick tests with smaller programs do not reproduce the odd error messages. I either get "unterminated list" or "unexpected list terminator: #\)". I realize too late that I should have made a copy of the failing code. Sorry.

So, should we be concerned about this?

Thank you.

Claude Marinier

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