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[Chicken-users] help on find a lisp paper by John McCarthy

From: Jinx
Subject: [Chicken-users] help on find a lisp paper by John McCarthy
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 17:35:32 +0800
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the Paper is about 2-3 pages long, at least can be  downloaded on
the internet for free in pdf,

the content is on how to constuct lisp from several axioms, more in
a math paper fashion.

the paper is a late time working paper McCarthy, not the 
"Recursive Functions of ... Machine, Part I" , there might be some

I have downloaded the paper one year ago, and cant find it now,
and after a long search on the web, still get nothing, thats the
most elegent paper in constructing the lisp in the axiomatic way,
I am sure I will keep it carefully this time if u could help me
on finding it

thank u !

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