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[Chicken-users] Hahn documentation gives unbound variable

From: David Ireland
Subject: [Chicken-users] Hahn documentation gives unbound variable
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2018 20:05:27 +1000

Hi there,

I am using the Hahn egg for auto documentation. 

My code stops compiling when I try to evaluate an example of the procedure I'm adding documentation to. 

For example (from semantics-core.scm):

 (define (remove-brackets in)
  @("Removes any characters between and including the
  square brackets [..]."
    (in "The string to be filtered")
    (@to "string")
    (@example "Example using Thee[?].a"
              (remove-brackets "Thee[?].a")))
  (string-substitute "\\[.*\\]" "" in))

This results in a compile error: 

  hahn -o semantics.scm semantics-core.scm

Error: unbound variable: remove-brackets

My module header looks like this: 

(module semantics
  @("Semantics Module")
  (import data-structures chicken scheme)
  (include "semantics-core"))

Am I doing anything wrong that is obivious? 

The example in the hahn docs works fine. 


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