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[Chicken-users] Strange behaviour of "(use (prefix <module> <prefix>))"

From: Martin Schneeweis
Subject: [Chicken-users] Strange behaviour of "(use (prefix <module> <prefix>))"
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2018 18:23:28 +0200


can anybody reproduce the following?

I have 3 very simple files A.scm, B.scm, C.scm - all located in the
same directory (source code see attachments)

C uses A and B.

I compile with the following statements:

  csc -s A.scm 
  csc -s B.scm
  csc C.scm

No compiler-messages - "C" is executable and prints the expected values

After the following changes in C.scm (C_1.scm):

  (use A) => (use (prefix A a:))
  (print (say-A)) => (print (a:say-A))

the compilation of C_1.scm prints the following:

  Warning: extension `A' is currently not installed

but "C_1" is produced, executable and prints as expected.

  - but -

After some more changes in C.scm (C_2.scm):

  (use B) => (use (prefix B b:))
  (print (say-B)) => (print (b:say-B))

the compilation of C_2.scm does not succeed and prints the following:

  Warning: extension `A' is currently not installed

  Error: shell command terminated with non-zero exit status 13:
    '/usr/bin/chicken' 'C_2.scm' -output-file 'C_2.c'

Unfortunately I upgraded my system today (Arch Linux) and got a new gcc
compiler. I downgraded but the error persists. However I think my
system is the culprit because I am pretty sure I compiled more than 2
prefix-uses (of modules not installed yet) before.

(my chicken version should be the latest - "chicken -version":

  (c) 2000-2007, Felix L. Winkelmann
  Version 4.13.0 (rev 68eeaaef)
  linux-unix-gnu-x86-64 [ 64bit manyargs dload ptables ]
  compiled 2017-12-11 on (Linux)


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