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Re: [Chicken-users] egg readline - funny behaviour

From: Vasilij Schneidermann
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] egg readline - funny behaviour
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018 15:02:29 +0200

Hello Martin,

> if Alexej Magura is around - may be the following is a small bug (could
> also be an artifact of GNU readline - I don't know).

I doubt he's around here, but I've had luck contacting him on GitHub [1].

> In case you are wondering - the comment of the line is a "real"
> comment used in the examples of the datatypes egg (wiki) - the rest of
> the 4 lines I made up for simplicity.

I can reproduce this.  The issue is that you get a continuation prompt
due to an unbalanced s-expression after the comment starter.  This is a
purely cosmetical issue, evaluating ;) will restore the normal prompt.
To fix this you'd have to implement a smarter parser in the readline
egg.  This is unfortunately done in C, not Scheme, so fixing this is
harder than it should be.  I've tried my hand at reimplementing the
algorithm in Scheme for the parley egg, you can find it in my dotfiles


PS: Could you please start a new thread for every new topic?  This
should be a matter of composing a new email with
address@hidden in the To: field, you can then use your email
client's reply-all feature to respond to any subsequent emails.  That
way it's easier to track conversations.


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