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Re: [Chicken-users] Geiser now has Chicken 5 Support

From: Timo Myyrä
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Geiser now has Chicken 5 Support
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2018 10:29:21 +0200
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Dan Leslie <address@hidden> writes:

> Fresh on ELPA: Chicken 5 support in Geiser. Geiser is an enhanced Emacs mode 
> for interacting with various Schemes.
> Completion suggestions, eldoc support, region and buffer evaluation,
> and symbol evaluation all appear to work well; most are considerably
> faster thanks to some reworking of their behaviour. Geiser's features
> with respect to switching modules and module namespaces are not
> available to Chicken 5, yet; I opted to withold porting those forward
> for now as that behaviour relied upon ## internal behaviour to operate
> under Chicken 4, and was rather brittle.
> If you use use-package installation is easy:
>     (use-package geiser)
> You'll need a few additional packages for Chicken:
>     chicken-install srfi-1 srfi-18 apropos
> I strongly recommend using Geiser in companion with dumb-jump; I added Scheme 
> support to it some time ago, and so it now provides a reasonably good 
> jump-to-definition and find-references for Scheme projects of most any size.
> Happy hacking!
> -Dan
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I'm trying to setup Geiser for chicken but for some reason it won't find the
geiser repl.

I have following in .emacs:
(use-package geiser
  (setq geiser-chicken-binary "chicken-csi"))

I override the binary as OpenBSD package for chicken has renamed the chicken
binaries. I then installed the srfi-1, srfi-18 and apropos eggs.

Spawning repl from emacs works with "run-geiser" and selecting chicken from the
list. But the weird thing is that once I try to evaluate sexp with "^x^e" in
emacs I get message "No Geiser REPL for this buffer". So it runs the repl but
for some reason Geiser won't find it afterwards.

Any idea how to get Geiser working?


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