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openssl static compile issue

From: nemo1211
Subject: openssl static compile issue
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 15:07:34 -0400

Hello all,

Updating a project to Chicken 5 and discovered the following problem (seems to be an issue with the openssl egg). The code runs fine in interpreted mode (with csi -s) and can be compiled successfully with `csc filename.scm`. However, the project is distributed in precompiled form, so I'm looking to create a deployed version with `csc -static filename.scm`. When compiling with the -static option I receive the following errors:

This appears to be a linking issue(?) so I tried the following:

csc -static filename.scm -L -lssl -L -lcrypto

which removes all errors and allows the code to compile. However, when ran the compiled code generates the following http-client egg error:

"Unable to connect over HTTPS. To fix this, install the openssl egg and try again."

Can anyone advise on how to properly compile a statically linked binary using the openssl egg?


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