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Re: Guidance requested for debugging import problem.

From: Matt Welland
Subject: Re: Guidance requested for debugging import problem.
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 06:57:40 -0500

On Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 3:47 AM <> wrote:
> Update. I found that removing the *.import.scm files causes the problem to
> also occur when running the executable in the directory where compiled.
> However the non-gui executable still works fine. Why would a compiled
> Chicken program be reading the import.scm files at run time?

This can depend on compiler options: the import files contain code to
register modules and imports, depending on compilation type (static/dynamic)
and certain compiler options, this code is compiled into the executable
or is loaded from a separate file.

If you run the binaries with "-:d" and/or "-:d" do you get any information
regarding the loaded files?

I see the *.import.scm files being loaded in the output only in this one place after

; loading /home/matt/data/buildall/ck5.2/lib/chicken/11/ ...
[debug] loading compiled library /home/matt/data/buildall/ck5.2/lib/chicken/11/ (0x0000555a9a701260)
[debug] entering toplevel...
; loading ./debugprint.import.scm ...
; loading ./mtargs.import.scm ...
; loading ./commonmod.import.scm ...
; loading ./configfmod.import.scm ...
; loading /home/matt/data/buildall/ck5.2/lib/chicken/11/ ...



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