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Re: ByteArrayOutputStream.close

From: Brian Jones
Subject: Re: ByteArrayOutputStream.close
Date: 16 Nov 2000 22:11:06 -0500
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Tom Tromey <address@hidden> writes:

> What should it print?
> With libgcj (and thus the shared-with-Classpath ByteArrayOutputStream)
> it prints:
>     2
>     2
> Sun's JDK 1.2.2 also prints this.
> The appended patch changes this to work the way I think it ought to
> work.  However, I'm reluctant to check this in.  Maybe it is just a
> bug in the docs.  Or maybe I'm reading too much into the close()
> documentation.
> Tom

According to the Fundamental Classes Reference, none of the methods of
ByteArrayOutputStream throw an IOException because the data is written
to an array instead of an actual I/O device.  It's possibly more
interesting to check if there is a difference between the two
(sun/gcj) if you check the size of the array returned from toCharArray
() before and after the close.

Brian Jones <address@hidden>

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