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From: Brian Jones
Subject: Re:
Date: 16 Nov 2000 22:17:01 -0500
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John Leuner <address@hidden> writes:

> I should have made it more clear that this is a port to pure java code. My
> hidden agenda here is to use the code in a future java OS (see
>, which is why I didn't want to use zlib.
> I will have a look at the libgcj code and Jochen's code, to see what I can
> borrow / contribute in terms of code and javadoc.

That's great.  It is what I thought you were doing.  It's probably a
good idea to borrow the javadoc and get the similar zlib type code
working in Java.  I definitely prefer a pure java implementation to
the native zlib backed implementation.  I've cc'd Paul F. on this so
he can communicate with you about paper work.

Any idea how long you think it will take to implement... possibly how
the problem can be broken down into bits different people can work on?

Brian Jones <address@hidden>

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