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Re: Kaffe and Classpath (again)

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: Kaffe and Classpath (again)
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 00:16:45 +0000

>>> John Leuner <address@hidden> 22-Nov-00 9:24:12 PM >>>

>The problem is that some VMs (my example being my 
>JVM, kissme) have VM specific stuff in those top classes,
>ie java/lang/Thread and java/lang/Class etc.
>That stuff really should be moved into the VM* classes, but 
>since it is tied in with a whole lot of native code, it's not going

>to be a pleasant experience.

As far as I can see the website advice for VM integrators is pretty

The situation is that Classpath has an almost complete java.*
implementation which uses* classes to do the implementation
hidden stuff.

For those java.lang classes I mentioned there needs to be one
implementation for each VM that is integrated. So, using Class as an
example, with current aims there will be:


Each one of these VM specific versions needs to do certain things to
make Classpath work. Those things seem to be well documented in the
"hooks" section on the VM-integrators page.

It's not too onerous a requirement IMHO to have one set of these
classes per VM.

>At the moment I have just added the Classpath code to my 
>own, merging whatever methods are common by hand. 

That's one approach. I'm going to start by taking the other
approach... changing the Kaffe classes so that they use the Classpath

If I can achieve that Kaffe *could* be altered to use adapted
versions of those classes on some configuration request (or even
dynamically but I'm not going to aim for that) and Classpath *could*
include the altered Kaffe classes in the existing:



What I really need to know about is the history and workings of the
config system.

I presume it's just a system for selecting which version of the
classes under vm/ is compiled into the classes.jar.

The other thing I would quite like to know is more about StackFrame.
As I understand it I have to implement gnu.vm.stack.StackFrame  but
there is a as well. 

I would be very gratefull if some classpath old-hand would explain
the intention with all of that. 


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