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Re: Kaffe and Classpath (again)

From: Brian Jones
Subject: Re: Kaffe and Classpath (again)
Date: 25 Nov 2000 22:20:53 -0500
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"Nic Ferrier" <address@hidden> writes:

>    japhar/java.lang.Class
>    kaffe/java.lang.Class
>    eletrical-fire/java.lang.Class
>    etc...

That's right, vm/reference is essentially the same as saying
vm/japhar.  The rest of the directories are named for the vm
involved.  So you'd use vm/kaffe/java/lang/*, etc.

> If I can achieve that Kaffe *could* be altered to use adapted
> versions of those classes on some configuration request (or even
> dynamically but I'm not going to aim for that) and Classpath *could*
> include the altered Kaffe classes in the existing:
>    vm/kaffe
> directory.

If you get Kaffe to work in some fashion I can add whatever to the
configure system to make the details easier for the user.  I think I
have it setup to simply bomb out of configure if you specify
--with-kaffe, but the majority of the work is already there

> What I really need to know about is the history and workings of the
> config system.

I believe I intended to use a kaffe-config shell script generated by
autoconf when configuring kaffe to determine how it was compiled and
linked... tends to matter for Japhar for instance due to
nspr... similar cases probably exist for kaffe.  This script would
have to be accepted by the kaffe team and included in their
distribution.  Otherwise, we can to make patches for each and every new
version of Kaffe.

> I presume it's just a system for selecting which version of the
> classes under vm/ is compiled into the classes.jar.

The --with-kaffe flag selects vm/kaffe and creates the symbolic link
/vm/current to point to the right directory.  On systems without
symbolic links I think the idea is to copy the entire directory to
vm/current producing the same result with more fuss.

> The other thing I would quite like to know is more about StackFrame.
> As I understand it I have to implement gnu.vm.stack.StackFrame  but
> there is a as well. 

I do not believe that the stack stuff works at all in Japhar.  Last I
looked it had problems just with a visual inspection.  That's
something I want to get into and fix so it works with Japhar.  

John Keiser did the Japhar work as well as the vm integration guide.  

Brian Jones <address@hidden>

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