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Re: classpath-0.01 released

From: Stuart Ballard
Subject: Re: classpath-0.01 released
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 10:17:37 -0500

"Cierniak, Michal" wrote:
> Stuart Ballard wrote:
> > - Are there any plans to integrate any of the third-party VMs
> > supported
> > (such as IBM's OpenRuntime,
> Stuart, do you mean the Open Runtime Platform
> ( from Intel?  Or does IBM have something
> with a similar name?

D'oh! Yes, that was what I meant. Too many big companies starting with I
that do a lot of java stuff...

(open mouth, insert foot)

> As to your question about integrating support for ORP into Classpath, all of
> the native methods implemented by us for Classpath are included in the
> distribution of ORP and we require only one modification to the Java sources
> of Classpath (adding one extra field to java.lang.Thread).
> I guess one could add vm/orp in parallel to vm/reference with this one extra
> line in being the only difference.

Hmm. That does seem a little wasteful... I wonder if there's any build
system magic that we could do?

Is the "one line" something that wouldn't hurt other VMs? If so, we
could add it to vm/reference and make ORP work the same way Japhar does
(--with-orp could just be a synonym for --with-japhar which would both
really just mean "with vm/reference")

Thoughts, anyone?


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