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Re: Event class?

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: Event class?
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 18:51:20 +0200
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On Thu, May 10, 2001 at 09:33:54AM -0700, Shane Nay wrote:
> Hmm.., funny thing.  Following is in java/awt/AWTEvent:
> public
> AWTEvent(Event event)
> {
>   this(,;
> }
> No class Event in the sources I can find.  Am I blind or an idiot?  It wasn't 
> in the .02 release that I can see either, so surely this works normally.  
> (Sorry Japhar just does not work for me, so I don't have a "normally", but I 
> don't see an Event class in japhar either)
You are neither blind nor an idiot :)
Classpath does not contain java.awt.Event.

Please look at the lib/standard.omit file for all the classes that are
currently in the CVS tree but that do not build out of the box
(because of missing classes in Classpath).


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