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Re: Event class?

From: Shane Nay
Subject: Re: Event class?
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 12:17:46 -0700

On Thursday 10 May 2001 11:08, John Keiser wrote:
> I know that Classpath's AWT works because I've seen screenshots of it ... I
> don't know, however, how well it works.  I suspect the screenshots were
> made by using Sun's Event class.

Hmm..., how long ago?  I've gotten all the AWT stuff to compile up, I just 
had to implement a few classes.  Got discouraged and am working on libgcj.  
However..., doing libgcj really limits what I can do, and I don't really like 
that.  (Unless can be mmap'd for a "normal" VM?)  Also gcj's AWT is 
based around much lower level code than what I'd like..., looks like Xlib 
calls, but I need to make it all widget level stuff with Peers and the like.  
So Classpath is a better route for me in terms of development time.

What's everyones vibe on Classpath's AWT?  Would you like to see it fixed?, 
would a fixed AWT be accepted into the core of GNUClasspath?

Anyway, I'm just "messing around" with the both of them right now.  I have 
some serious work to do to get either libgcj or GNUClasspath to work.  But I 
actually want a VirtualMachine, not all native code, so..., anyway.  
(Actually, I want both, but I'm not sure this is possible right now)

Shane Nay.

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