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Re: Event class?

From: Paul Fisher
Subject: Re: Event class?
Date: 10 May 2001 14:59:40 -0700
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Shane Nay <address@hidden> writes:

> Hmm..., how long ago?

Last time I had the code up and running was around the first part of

The Classpath GTK peers were designed to be a drop in replacement for
the JDK 1.1 Motif peers that Sun ships.  I don't have any personal
experience with the non-peer AWT code in Classpath.  The GTK peers are
pretty much complete, can handle all the AWT code that I've thrown at
them, and can handle most all the Swing code out there.

I believe at some point someone posted to the Classpath list about
getting the non-peer AWT up and running for basic window stuff.  I
don't have any more info about that tho.

> What's everyones vibe on Classpath's AWT?  Would you like to see it
> fixed?, would a fixed AWT be accepted into the core of GNUClasspath?

I'm not particularly happy with the licensing route taken for the
Classpath AWT, but that issue is out of my hands.  I haven't looked at
the AWT code in libgcj, but I would prefer that there not be two
non-peer implementations of the AWT.

I'd like to see the GTK peer code work with the libgcj AWT, assuming
it's technically possible.  Licensing on the GTK portion is not an
issue, since Jim Blair and I wrote the code.

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