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Re: preprocessing java source

From: Artur Biesiadowski
Subject: Re: preprocessing java source
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 00:53:57 +0200

> Anthony Green wrote:
> I'd like to experiment with creating different runtime profiles,
> similar to the J2ME profiles for embedded systems.
> This will require different versions of some of the core classes (no
> floating point, no finalization, etc).  I can just copy the .java
> files and maintain different versions -- but I'd rather just
> conditionally compile the code.
> I think the only preprocessing required will be to support...
> #else
> #endif
> preprocessing.
> I wouldn't be so worried if we didn't share code with Classpath.

I would suggest not forcing any preprocessor by default (for full
class). Then using some invisible tags (like //IFDEF something )
conditionally leave something out of compilation for smaller targets.

This can be problematic if simplier version would have to provide
different implementation instead of just leaving out some pieces of
code, but I think that having 'pure' java source files for basic
configuration is quite important (forcing windows users to use gnu
command line tools to compile classpath is not a good idea).


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