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Announcement: Javadoc drop-in replacement

From: Julian Scheid
Subject: Announcement: Javadoc drop-in replacement
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 03:51:25 +0100

This is to announce that I have nearly finished a 
drop-in replacement for the Sun Javadoc tool which 
I would like to contribute to the Classpath project. 
Of course, it was written hands-off: I have not seen 
the corresponding Sun source code any time before.

What I have is only the tool itself: scan source code 
and deliver structure and comment information to the 
Doclet API. A 'Standard Doclet' is not included.

However, a year ago I have written a tool named 
TexiDoclet (
which outputs Info pages, with Emacs users in mind.
Note that TexiDoclet is still labelled Alpha, because 
it lacks testing on a broad base. Still, it can produce 
quiet useful results.
Using the Javadoc drop-in and TexiDoclet, you will be 
able to generate Java documentation on a 100% free 
toolchain, in Info format.

The drop-in implements all functionality as of 
Javadoc 1.3, but some secondary issues like warning 
messages and a few command line switches are still 
pending. I plan to have this stuff fixed and release 
a preview package in approx. ten days.

BTW, I am rather new to alternative VMs and I have a 
couple of questions which I think should not be 
discussed here. I would be grateful if some hacker or some free-VM expert could 
come back to me.

Julian Scheid

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