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Re: trouble getting kissme to work with gcp

From: Stephen Crawley
Subject: Re: trouble getting kissme to work with gcp
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 01:29:47 +1000


First, this email would be better directed to the kissme mailing list:


I've cc'ed that list.  If you reply to this email, please remove 
address@hidden from the cc: list.

Your best bet for getting Kissme to work is to read the kissme/docs/
BUILDING file carefully, and follow the instructions therein.  I've
also included some hints below.
>       I have successfully downloaded and built cvs GNU classpath 
> and cvs kissme. I used these command for configuring:
> classpath: 
> ./configure --prefix=/home/jgeorgal/JDE --with-java=kissme \
> [--with-classpath=/home/jgeorgal/JDE/src/kissme/ \]
> --with-zip --with-jikes --enable-gtk-peer --enable-jni --enable-cni \
> --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --enable-shared

It is not necessary to give "--with-java=kissme" or "--with-classpath"
when configuring Classpath.  I'd remove them because they >>might<<
cause problems.

We (the kissme developers) haven't put any of the kissme-specific java
code into the Classpath tree.  The Classpath build and install process
doesn't need to know anything about Kissme.

> kissme:
> ./configure --prefix=/home/jgeorgal/JDE --with-classpath-install-dir=\
> /home/jgeorgal/JDE --with-gnu-classpath

That should be OK.  The kissme configure script should give you an error
if it can't find the installed Classpath jar file and shared libraries.

> The problem is that I cannot run even the helloworld program with kissme;
> I'll be more specific. When my
> CLASSPATH=/home/jgeorgal/JDE/share/classpath/
> if I try to run a (byte-compiled with jikes Version 
> 1.16 - 10 July 2002)
> I get the message "Kissme Panic: Didn't find instance field offset for 
> _classStruct (java/lang/Class)"

That makes sense.  Your effective classpath should look like this: 


i.e. file MUST be before glibj.jar in the effective classpath.

> and when I include in my CLASSPATH the file from kissme 
> distribution I get:
> Error: unknown native method called: java/lang/Double.initIDs()V
>   java/lang/Double
> There were 6 methods for this class
> Error: unknown native method called: java/lang/System.isWordsBigEndian()Z 
>   java/lang/System
> There were 5 methods for this class
> FAILED TO INITIALIZE java/lang/System
> ---------------Top level exception handler-------------------
> Kissme Panic: NoClassDefFoundError

It looks like the kissme jvm is not picking up the Classpath shared libraries.  
You probably need to add the directory wher the libs are installed to
the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

> I cannot figure out what's wrong :(
> I have loaded the libs in lib/classpath ...
> any hint is highly appreciated.

See the hints above, and read the Kissme BUILDING document. 

Also try using the 'kissme' wrapper script in 'useful_scripts' to run
the 'helloworld' program.  The wrapper prepends the correct stuff to the
effective classpath, and sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH as required.  

-- Steve

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