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Re: Proposal for changes to Classpath's JNI libraries

From: John Leuner
Subject: Re: Proposal for changes to Classpath's JNI libraries
Date: 02 Dec 2002 14:06:25 +0000

>   1)  Add a ./configure switch to enable some Kissme-specific JNI extensions.
>   2)  Add #ifdefs to classpath/include/jni.h to enable Kissme-specific
>       JNI functions at the end of the function table.  These include 
>       functions for entering and exiting Kissme GC points.

What implications does this have for the scenario where Classpath is
built as a package (eg .rpm or .deb) and Kissme loads the shared
libraries for native IO from this package?

Would the package have to be built with the kissme flag? Would it be
possible to have Classpath generate two sets of native libraries? One
would have the default functionality, the other would call the Kissme
JNI functions to enter/exit GC points.

John Leuner

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