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Re: Contributions of work on Jikes RVM with GNU Classpath

From: John Leuner
Subject: Re: Contributions of work on Jikes RVM with GNU Classpath
Date: 13 Dec 2002 14:35:11 +0000

On Sat, 2002-12-07 at 06:06, Julian Dolby wrote:
>  The motivation for this fix was that this sorting method was throwing
> array out of bounds errors from various places within Eclipse.  I looked at
> the code, and these fixes seemed appropriate and made the out of bounds
> exceptions go away.

Ok. I will try to reproduce this myself so that we have a test case for

How did you run Eclipse? I assume you were using OTI or Sun awt and
swing classes?

Some questions about the other patches to Classpath:

1. The patches to VMSystem and System

In the old code,, out and err were constructed automatically,
but the proposed patch would leave it up to the VM to initialise these.

How about we add a hook in the System static initializer to call
something like VMSystem.makeStandardStreams()  ?

The downside of this is that VMs that didn't bother with setting these
streams before, would now have to implement methods to do so.

2. To run JRVM with GNU Classpath the native methods in java/io/File,
FileDescriptor, FileInputStream etc have to be replaced with calls to
the JRVM support library.

How are we going to do this? Before we were thinking of doing
preprocessing of the Classpath java/io/*.java source with JRVM-glue code
being controlled by a compile-time option.

Is there another way to get around this?

John Leuner

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