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Re: 0.05

From: Patrik Reali
Subject: Re: 0.05
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 20:12:44 +0100

> of months.  I'd like to make a new Classpath release, perhaps in the
> next few weeks, depending on how long it takes to get most of the

Good to hear. I was going to prepare a new version of the Jaos VM to release
my latest changes (an new improved jit-compiler, a few slides from a lecture
I'm currently giving, and some documentation as part of my thesis).

I will wait for the 0.05 release to integrate the new libraries in Jaos: the
timing is almost perfect, as I should have more time from february on.

The good news for the moment are:
* Jaos is not dead
* I did run the Spec JVM 98 on Jaos with Classpath: 201_compress, 202_jess,
209_db, and 228_jack are working fine (though I did my last checkout in
march). The other benchmarks fail because of some errors in Jaos. The
results on my website are those with the old compiler; with the new one the
code should be about twice as fast.

Patrik Reali

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